Our team

Eco Viva combines experts from various trade areas. The team consists of independent consultants, coaches and lawyers. All employees were or are responsible in a variety of functions in commerce and guarantee our costumers the benefit of sophisticated and practical experience in consulting. From the founding of start-up companies whether management experience in  implementation of sustainable concepts or catering sales Eco Viva offers a team that helps you to achieve your goals with a 360 ° view. Competent, friendly, hands-on.

Our experts

André Pilling

  • Food + Retail

  • Sustainability + CSR


Founder and owner André Pilling has successfully participated in various management positions in small and medium enterprises in the implementation of new products and product range concepts. By several years' experience in the headquarters of large German retail chains and the creation of sustainable start-ups, he brings his experience from a holistic point of view in our concepts. Both in questions of classical product development as well as in creative marketing orientation he works on all concepts as a trade expert with the focus on food and provides his expertise within the scope from a start-up company environment to a central supermarket management and each special needs.

Frank Doose

  • Marketing

  • Sustainability + CSR


Frank Doose, born in Hamburg in 1966, is an entrepreneur and brand consultant with a great sense of sustainability. 7 years ago, Frank Doose took the step from brand consulting to entrepreneur. He founded the sustainable organic and regional brand "HAND-zu-HAND", which today sells beverages under the "Pflück" brand in food retailing and in catering in northern Germany. In addition to the desire for entrepreneurial development, the impetus for this step was the implementation of sustainable thinking into an economic project. In addition to sales and brand consulting, Frank Doose is responsible for project management at EcoViva. He also accompanies the operational steps in our sales activities.

Dr. Klaus-J. Holstein

  • Organic-Pioneer

  • Fair Trade Activist


Founder of the magazine and platform www.ein-herz-fuer-bio.org, many years of participation in the jury "Spitzenadressen für Bio", a bio-contest for  classic food retailers and consultant for organic products and category development. Today CEO and founder of Foodexpertise GmbH Foodscout for vegan, gluten-free and fair trade food. Development and procurement of trend products, superfoods, consulting and active implementation support for retail stores and product developer for assortment updating and innovation. Support for market-driven product development for founders and market preparation for foreign suppliers to place their offers in the German market. Organizer of the annual networking conference for sourcing and innovation at Haus Rissen in Hamburg.

Wolfram Rehbock

  • Attorney-at-law

  • Contracting


Wolfram Rehbock studied law in Berlin. After internship at the District Court of Leipzig Mr. Rehbock was admitted to the German Bar in 1999. After holding various positions in Leipzig, St. Petersburg and Berlin Wolfram Rehbock started practicing law in Ukraine in 2002. He mainly advises foreign companies on cross-border issues and FDI in various industries. His new approach, composed of law, tax, business consultancy and EU helpdesk, which he realizes together with selected experts, is aimed at the revival of economic exchange between EU countries and Ukraine. Wolfram Rehbock is also Chairman of the DAV (German Bar Association) in Ukraine.

Michael Fischermann

  • Packaging

  • Rack systems


Michael Fischermann supports Eco Viva with his expertise in packaging, repackaging and re-sale support. Behind him is an experienced and efficient sales team driven by the goal to provide customers with not only inexpensive, but also high-quality packaging made of cardboard and corrugated board. Michael Fischermann has got a production network with locations in Germany and Poland. Especially Poland offers a very good quality with significantly reduced initial costs and very good prices, and above all for small to medium offer sizes. This provides benefits for both start-ups, whose budget is often, especially in the beginning, rather low and even for established companies for saving options.

Rainer Thomas

  • Product development

  • Sourcing


Rainer Thomas incorporates over 35 years of experience from all sales channels of  trade. As Managing Director of C & C Schaper, Metro C & C and COOP eG he has strategic and operational responsibility with a focus on sales and purchasing, as a managing director at a service provider, acquainted with and experienced in the consulting and project management business. Since 2015, he has been building up his own company in the organic food industry with great vigor and therefore knows the production and logistics processes associated with the trade of organic food. Rainer Thomas directs product development at Eco Viva and is available for all matters in the construction and expansion of a successful supply chain.

Angelika Behrends

  • Graphic Design

  • Corporate Identity


Angelika Behrens is our all-rounder in the area of Graphic Design and Corporate Identity. The development of fine and contemporary design is her field of activity in which she has designed products and layouts for well-known industrial -and- trademarks for many years. At the same time, being an experienced designer (since 2001) she contributes the knowledge of many major agencies. Moreover Angelika Behrends has a wealth of experience in working with small businesses and start-ups. Here she can fully utilise her branding experience to help creating the most promising as well as the utmost profitable exterior. She always works with the necessary efficiency to avoid unnecessary costs and time.

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